1989, First Comics

Paul Smith cover

Mike Baron writer, Paul Smith pencils, John Nyberg inks, Jim Massara letters, Tony Van de Walle colors.

NEXUS is often-heralded as great comics (at least for a time). It’s a series I never got into, nor did I try very hard to read it (preferring the lunacy of BADGER). This issue comes from the post-Steve Rude stories, featuring the fine artwork of Paul Smith and inks by John Nyberg. All very pretty, spacious, clean storytelling, even if I’m not following a lot of what’s going on because they’re long storylines that have been running and will keep running after I look away.

Still, always nice to look at Paul Smith’s artwork. Another artist often overlooked in the middle eighties and beyond simply because he refused to over-render and adopt the extreme aesthetics of the nineties. Too bad.

Note the appearance of Gloop and Gleep from THE HERCULOIDS in the crowd scene above. Also the GRIMJACK/AMERICAN FLAGG ads and some great alien expressiveness.

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