Gonna be honest. This is a tough sell for me. I mean, you talk to me about people having made sequels to RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK and I’ll look at you funny. They didn’t make prequels either.

There’s some nice Indy punch action, though. Helps that Archie Goodwin was assisting David Micheline with the script. Ricardo Villamonte provides solid pencils but it’s not doing much for me. Feels like trying to make Indy fit the Marvel comics formula with just a pretty-good crew in the early eighties working on it.


Bane more or less marks the end of me paying attention to superhero comics. Not just Batman, but superhero comics altogether. Sure, I was still getting the oddball thing like the MARTIAN MANHUNTER miniseries from the mid-90s and SANDMAN and HELLBOY, but I’d punched out long before that. So I don’t get Bane as a believable menace at all (unless he’s drawn by Kelley Jones.) A whole big one-shot about how Bane is this total badass and destined to break Batman is all so much noise, particularly given it being written by Chuck Dixon who’s never been better than average in my book.

But I like Eduardo Barreto, even when he’s just inking. So there’s some fun stuff to look at and the lines are great. Plus it’s from ‘93 so it’s all DEATH OF SUPERMAN everywhere you look and you know how that went over.

Though you do get Bane stabbing a giant bat with a sword. I guess that’s cool, right?

Someone’s been paying attention to what I like. Today’s comic package included a James Bond graphic novel written and illustrated by Mike Grell, one of my fave creators. That’s right, I shortened the word favorite. Deal with it.

I also got a Masamune Shirow book. I’ve got a bunch of the Appleseed books he did for Eclipse in the 80s, and this issue of Dominion will be very comfortable next to them. This book was turned into the anime Dominion: Tank Police, which I owned on VHS, and makes about as much sense as you’d imagine, given that title.

In the verb/noun title range, we have Blood Sword and Death Hawk. The latter has a cover by my friend (acquaintance of many years) Dave Dorman, and pencils by Adam Hughes whom I’ve never met (met once or twice). The former is the creative work of a lot of people whose names I can’t likely list or joke about without coming off as a racist sot, but also included a cryptic hand written note. If I were Nic Cage I’d use this note to justify some complicated B&E and destruction of historic art. I’m not Nic though, so I’m just going to post the pic on the Internet and practice my emoting.

Rounding out the envelope are some perilously old Gold Key Peanuts books that I may be forced to scan just for the Sluggo B stories.